Programs & Ideas

Program and Ideas

Below you will see various categories of programs and ideas.  By clicking on the category, it will bring you down to the individual programs or idea.  Hopefully these will be useful to help your chapter meetings be interesting, enjoyable and informative.

Click on the links below to open or save the pdf file.  If you do not have a pdf reader, click here to download a pdf reader.   

Bible & Ribbon Meaning Another Christmas Carol Quiz
Bible Emblem Ceremony Christmas Carol Quiz
Bible Test Crazy Songs For Christmas
 CHAPLAIN      Easter Egg Hunt
 Chaplain Tribute 1983  Fun Thangsgiving Poem
 Chaplain Ceremony 2003  Holiday Program Ideas
 Chaplain 2004  Mother or Father’s Day
 Chaplain 2007  Thanksgiving
 Honor Chaplain & Warder  Tribute to the American Flag
   True Meaning of Christmas
 COMPASS  Turkey Hunt
 Compass Night  Valentine Bingo
 Honoring PM & PP
 FUN & GAMES    
 Age Quiz  Friendship Golden Chain
 American Beauty Rose  Frog Lesson
 Bingo Cards  Garden Skit
 Bing Cards-2 General Program Ideas
 Break The Ice  Jeopardy-Harmony & Loyalty
 Cake Walk  Hat Skit
 Canada Sideliners  Masonic Visitors
 Coralie Skit  Mock Star Meeting
Dress in Poor Taste  Mystery Dinner
Dress Code For OES  Nail In The Fence
 Dress To A Theme  Order of the Eating Sisters
 Eastern Star Olympics  Phood & Phoolishness
 Facts & History in 1958  Savenger Hunt
 Fashion Show  Sideliners
 Fairy Godmother  Seven Wonders Skit
 Rose Bud
 Where Else
Life Member Program 1978  Memorial 1958
Life member Ceremony 1978  Memorial Service 1992
Life Member Program 1981  Memorial Service 1997
Life Member Tribute 2004  Memorial Serivce 1999
 Memorial Service 2002
Life Member Program 2006  Memorial Service 2003
Poem for 50 Year members  Memorial Service 2004
Session Thank You Members  Memorial Ceremony 2005
Session Thank You Members 2  Memorial Ceremony 2006
Tribute To An Honored Member  Memorial Service 2007
Tribute To A Faithful Member  
 Obligation Ceremony     Adah Program 2006
 Obligation Ceremony 2     Ruth Program 2006
 Our Obligation     Esther Tribute from 1976
      Martha Program 1982
 ORGANIST     Honor Star Points
 Organist Tribute 1981     Star Point 2003
    Star Points 1997
Honor Treasurer    
Warder Program    

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