Ten Attitudes & Ingredients

Ten Attitudes & Basic Ingredients for Growth

DESIRE: We have to want our Chapter to grow.  It’s not going to take place accidentally.  We have to really believe in it and be wiling to pay the price.

VISION: We need to be able to have a dream and goal to shoot at.

ATMOSPHERE: We must be mood makers.  The life of our Chapter will be determined largely by the kind of mood we set.  The spirit of friendliness and enthusiasm are critical.

STRONG LEADERSHIP: We cannot build a great organization with weak leadership.  Our organization’s influence should broaden, year after year.  There is a definite link between strong leadership and the growth in any organization.

ACTION ORIENTATION: People have to be involved.  Diversities of talents make a healthy organization.

PLANNING & SETTING GOALS: We must be realistic, and, we must start with the basics.  With definite goals in mind, we then need to outline procedures to reach those goals.  It is very easy to drift into discord, so we need to plan our work, and work our plan!

UNITY: Unity is absolutely essential!  It is imperative to convince the Chapter that the need is there and we will be doing something about it.

DELEGATION: We multiply ourselves by delegating responsibility.  No delegation = stagnation.

PRAISE: If someone has done a good job, praise will boost them to even greater service.

PERSISTENCE: We must stay on it, without giving up.

“Kites rise against the wind!”
“Failure is not the same as Final”

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